Tips for getting rid of dental pain

Tips for getting rid of dental pain A toothache is not without reason considered one of the strongest: you will be able to neither sleep nor eat normally. Ideally, you should immediately seek advice from a dentist, but this is not always possible. How to remove a toothache at home?

There are several rules that must be followed in case of a toothache:

  • cleanse the mouth of food residues. Sometimes fibers of meat stuck between teeth or pieces of apple cause toothache
  • do not warm a painful place. Warm compresses cause an additional flow of blood, which will only intensify the pain
  • lie less. Rest in the horizontal position activates blood circulation in the periodontal tissues, increasing pressure on them. As a result, the pain becomes even more intense
  • do not chew food with a sick tooth
  • take it easy. The more a person thinks about pain, the more intense it becomes. You need to try to think of an interesting activity and immerse yourself in it
  • visit the dentist. The treatment of a toothache at home is an unpromising activity since only a doctor can fix and remove the cause of the pain for good. Independently it will turn off only for a short time to muffle painful sensations.

How to remove a toothache with medication?

Quick-acting analgesia for a toothache is the best way to improve your condition. As the most effective ones, such a drug as Tramadol and similar opiates from pharmacies are recommended. This is a very powerful medicine that will help even with severe pain.

Pregnant women often encounter severe dental pain. This is due to the hormonal changes taking place in the body, in particular, leading to a disruption of normal blood flow in the oral mucosa. A future mother should take extreme care with pain medication tablets from a toothache, since an unsuitable medicine can adversely affect the health of the fetus:

  • in the first trimester, it is forbidden to take any medicines
  • in the second trimester, it is allowed to take an anesthetic remedy for a tooth
  • in the third trimester, it is better to abandon the drug therapy, so as not to provoke premature birth.

Sooner or later the toothache still forces its owner to visit a doctor. Therefore, it is better to go to the dentist immediately: no pills and folk remedies can permanently relieve the pain.

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