Precautions for the use of analgesics

Precautions for the use of analgesics As you know, pain signals about some violations in our body’s work. It tells us that not everything is in order. This can be a symptom of any disease, for example, a symptom of renal colic, when a stone clogs the ureter and causes wild pain, or a symptom of a stone in the kidney when the pains are not so strong, but very exhausting. The pain in our body is the response of brain to infection, trauma, to some changes in the body. The use of powerful analgesics is a way to get rid of pain for a while so that the process of finding a medication could be the least painful for the patient.

Pain is a unique remedy given to us by nature so that we can respond to these signals and take measures to treat and preserve our body. However, we do not always act reasonably. Instead of treating the disease, we begin to swallow tablets, use other painkillers in large doses. This leads to unreasonable number of analgesics taken by us to bring only harm.

A unidentified cause of pain in time can lead to death. Specialists not related to the pharmaceutical industry conducted studies whose results are deplorable – people who abuse painkillers and analgesics undergo irreversible changes in the kidneys:

  • firstly, the kidneys in such people decrease in size
  • secondly, they inevitably form a calcium type of kidney stones, and these are oxalate stones, which are very difficult to remove.

If you have kidney problems, it is strongly advised not to take analgesics yourself. Seek qualified medical help to minimize harm.

Doctors believe that you should not take more than 300 grams of analgesics during the year, as this is dangerous for the kidneys and for human health in general. It is especially harmful to combine pain relievers with antipyretics.

The essence of analgesics, even the strongest ones, such as Tramadol and other opiates from pharmacies, is not in eliminating the cause of pain and not in treating the disease, their role is only in blocking the brain’s response to pain. That is, anesthetics simply deceive our brains.

Take analgesics and medications only when it is absolutely necessary.

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