Features of withdrawal syndrome in the treatment of Tramadol

It is well known that the pain syndrome as a part of the structure of opioid withdrawal is heavy, and requires effective therapy. Its main components are intense pains in skeletal muscles, joint pains, abdominal pains of spastic nature, less often – pains of other localization. withdrawal syndrome in the treatment of Tramadol

At the same time, it is known that all opioid analgesics created to date, to a greater or lesser extent, have addictive properties, i.e., the ability to induce addiction, and Tramadol available in pharmacies is no exception to this rule.

There are plenty of empirical pieces of evidence supporting this theory. So, being in a hospital, patients with opium abuse not only readily accept Ultram, but actively encourage the physician to its appointment, as a rule, motivating the request with strong pain. Indeed, in combination with benzodiazepines, the main drug quickly alleviates the condition of patients at the height of the syndrome of withdrawal. Nevertheless, in many cases, patients are prescribed with Tramadol for up to 2 weeks or even more, which can hardly be considered justified, even for individuals with high daily doses of the drug and long periods of narcotization. Such a lack of doctors’ “narcological alertness” in relation to Tramadol, from our point of view, is explained by the scarcity of the available literature of information about the addictive properties of this drug.

First, the goal of use is to alleviate the opioid withdrawal syndrome, then anesthesia is formed, and finally, patients receive Tramadol as the main psychoactive substance that causes euphoria.

All examined patients preferred Tramadol capsules. Even patients who practiced intravenous administration of Tramadol (sometimes in combination with other drugs) usually used Tramadol contained in capsules to make the injectable solution.

Most of the interviewed patients who used Tramadol noted an increase in mood, calm, and a sense of ease. Some patients reported a feeling of increased activity, of a surge of energy.

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