Tramadol: relief from pain

tramadol Tramadol is an analgesic drug that is released in the form of tablets. This Generic drug Ultram is complex. Also in the composition, there is lactose (pay attention to this component if you are allergic), silicon, magnesium, etc.


Tablets Generic Tramadol look like white small round tablets in a shell, they have notches. From the characteristics of the drug can be distinguished berry smell: Tramadol smells with strawberries.

A variant of the preparation in the form of capsules is also available: they are yellow-green in color but do not have a smell. The capsule shell is gelatinous.


It is possible to use Generic Tramadol, as well as classic Ultram, in the presence of moderate and severe pain. Most often, such pains appear:

  • in the treatment of injuries
  • in the period of rehabilitation
  • in the postoperative period
  • in the treatment of cancer.

Also, Generic Tramadol is used for anesthesia before surgery.


It is strongly recommended not to take the drug with hypersensitivity and allergies to its components. Do not take Tramadol and other Generic drugs similar to Ultram, if you have:

  • problems with respiratory systems
  • poisoning with alcohol or drugs
  • dependence on any drugs
  • need to take inhibitors
  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding.

Also, do not take Tramadol if the patient is under 14 years old.

For pregnant

For pregnant It is not recommended to use for the treatment of pregnant and lactating women if there is an alternative. Allowed to use only in the case of emergency.

Generic Tramadol and other preparations based on it, similar to Ultram, are able to leave traces in the body of a woman and in breast milk, which causes dependence in the fetus and negative consequences in the form of withdrawal syndrome before birth, and also during lactation.

Allowable dosage

Most often, the optimal dose of Tramadol, as well as other powerful Generics of analgesic action, is selected individually with the help of a qualified doctor. If you decide to start taking the drug yourself, you can buy Tramadol online and take Tramadol without prescription, but you should read the instructions in detail.

For teenagers (over 14 years)

The starting dose of Tramadol is 1 tablet per day. It is recommended to drink medicine with water, eating does not affect the effect. Usually, the result is noticeable within an hour (sometimes half an hour). If the effect is not felt, you can take another pill. Do not exceed the daily dose of 100 mg. The effect of the Generic drug Tramadol can last up to 8 hours. Taking pills is allowed no more than once a day. The maximum allowable daily dose for very severe pain is 400 mg.

For children

Categorically not recommended is the administration of Tramadol and other Ultram-analogues for children under 14 years of age. It is also not recommended to take the drug for children who have a body weight less than 25 kg.

For the elderly

If an elderly patient has a kidney or liver problem, a reduced dose of the drug may be required. More specific information on the duration of treatment can be provided by a professional health worker.

Rules of admission

Tablets and capsules should not be broken during the intake, do not divide them, do not chew. It is necessary to swallow the whole tablet or dissolve it in water (half a cup will be enough).

Side effects

Despite the fact that you can easily buy Tramadol online and use Tramadol without prescription, it has several serious side effects. The most common of these are:

  • migraine
  • problems with stool
  • drowsiness
  • excessive sweating
  • dry mouth.

To less frequent, but possible side effects, include:

  • sharp weight loss
  • tachycardia
  • hallucinations
  • tremor
  • disturbances of urination
  • problems with eyesight.

Side effects Side effects can develop differently depending on the characteristics of the body. However, the more drugs you take, the greater the likelihood of different side effects is. The development of dependence is possible.

Other side effects are also possible. Report them to the doctor, if any.


Overdose is possible if the daily dose of the drug has exceeded 400 mg (8 tablets/capsules). In this case, the side effects will be as follows:

  • vomiting,
  • convulsions
  • problems with breathing.

Overdose is an excuse to contact the emergency medical service as soon as possible, for gastric lavage and complex therapy.

If you have purchased Tramadol online and have taken Tramadol without prescription, you may need first aid for an overdose or drug poisoning. Most often, it is sufficient to flush the stomach; however, pulmonary ventilation may be necessary.

You may need to eliminate seizures. Hemodialysis is ineffective. Usually, complex therapy is performed depending on specific symptoms.

Additional information

If Tramadol is taken by an elderly patient, it is recommended to reduce the dose or increase the intervals between doses. If the patient has the disrupted kidneys, liver, injuries and pressure problems, take Tramadol with caution. In any case, a patient can easily find and buy Tramadol online and take Tramadol without prescription. Also, care should be taken when taking the drug in case of dependence on opioids.

If you are taking sleeping pills, as well as psychotropic drugs and others, you should use Tramadol with caution. Do not combine it with narcotic analgesics.

Eliminate the use of alcohol during treatment. Also, try to avoid driving a car or working with mechanisms, since Tramadol can provoke a lack of concentration.

Interaction with other drugs

At the use of Tramadol with ethanol and other drugs that affect the nervous system, too pronounced effects are possible.

Powerful drugs, such as barbiturates, can reduce the active effect of Tramadol on the body. Long-term treatment can contribute to the development of addiction. Tell your doctor if you are taking any potent drugs.

Drug Group

Tramadol is a drug from the category of opium-based analgesics. Such drugs quickly and effectively eliminate even severe pain. The most popular medicines from this area are:

  • Tramal
  • Codeine
  • Butorphanol, etc.

Where to buy Tramadol?

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